16 April 2013

Loquat Liqueur

It's loquat fruit time again in Austin, and this year, I discovered - vis a vis the Lee Bros. - a recipe for making loquat liqueur. (Don't even ask me how many times I've spell-checked the word "liqueur." What a strange one.)

The recipe is pretty straight forward:
Wash some loquats and stuff them in a jar with a lid. Fill said jar with vodka (I used Dripping Springs). Wait for at least one week and up to a year. Keeps for a couple of years.
I'm probably going to lean toward waiting a year. So perhaps this time next year, I'll be experimenting with loquat liqueur drinks. I'm thinking a splash of the loquat liqueur with some ice and soda water would be a refreshing springtime treat.

Here's a recipe for a nice breakfast treat made with loquats.


Heather/xericstyle said...

Seems y'all have a yearly drink recipe - I LOVED your dilly vodka too! So I am certainly trying this drink (I am not even gonna try and remember how you spelled the liq. word!) ;)

Rock rose said...

Ah! Bewashu! Fruit liquor. I have always meant to try this with my lemons. Limoncello. I still have Meyers on my tree but no Vodka. May have to remedy that. Let us know what it tastes like.

Ally said...

If I can pry a few ripe loquats away from the squirrels, I'll give this a try. Sounds good!

Keri Byrum said...

We did this with calamondins a few years ago and I think loquats are in our future!

Anonymous said...

Made first batch last year and making it again now! Great digestif after dinner over crushed ice or mixed with sparkling water and ice.