25 October 2014

Fall Planting Day

Doing a little fall planting today. 


Debra said...

Have fun. Can't wait to see the details =)

Rock rose said...

I see you did a little shopping at the WFC sale. Snapdragon vine-Where are you going to plant it? I ask this because it is a plant I have and have found it requires a very thin wire to twine its petioles around. Pam had hers up a wire on her dovecote and I tried string last year which worked quite well. It is such a pretty vine when supported but let it ramble and it will take over all your plants and become very messy. Such a lovely flower though. Maybe into a tree. I saw it on M Bonnell scrambling up the shrubs.
Happy planting. 4" pots are the best.

TexasDeb said...

What a great assortment of plants - the names just roll off the tongue.

I'm holding out hopes for some before and after shots to show up here. Pretty please? After seeing the suggestions Jenny has for your snapdragon vine I'm sure we are all curious now... What will The Grackle DO with his vine? Don't leave us hanging here!

Lee said...

Well, we shall see with the snapdragon vine. I planted it near some rock roses and its liable to take those over and probably clamber up the Texas persimmon too. If it's too obnoxious, I'll just shift it around. Will definitely post photos of the flowers when it gets going over the next year or two.