08 April 2008

Shout Out + Blooms

First of all to all the garden bloggers that I met at the Spring Fling this past weekend: you rock! It was great to meet all of you. One million thanks to Pam and the organizers for putting such a seamless, perfect weekend together. I learned a lot; things like:
  • Tom Spencer is more than just a radio/TV program host. He's warm, intelligent and spiritual. I certainly never thought I'd get teary-eyed at the Circle C Nuevo Leon with a bunch o' gardeners, but Tom worked his magic!
  • Mary Oliver is a poet worth reading.
  • James David and his partner are fabulous and have an amazing garden + house.
  • Garden bloggers are friendly, smart, funny and fun to be around.
  • Related to above: I should do better reading all of their wonderful blogs.
Anyway, this is about this garden, so here are some photos from today and some from last week of the goings-on around my garden. Lots of purples and yellows at the moment.

A freshly planted wine cup decided to make a go of it with a bloom.

Spiderwort (Tradescantia spp.)

Random irises left by the POs. I transplanted them without a care (no attention to depth or timing whatsoever). They decided I wasn't such a bastard after all and bloomed!

Native yellow columbine, Aquilegia chrysantha.

Gulf coast penstemon (Penstemon tenuis) starting to bloom.

Fennel muncher = future swallowtail (the fennel and dill are hosting a handful of these critters).


Anonymous said...

You did get some spiderwort, I'm glad to see.

Thanks for the shout-out and for sharing your impressions from the Fling. I'm glad to know that, as one of the few guys in attendance, you had a good time. Not that we gals bite or anything.

Here's to the next one, wherever it may be.

Brianna said...

I really enjoyed meeting you, and checking out the chickens together at the Natural Gardener.

I wish I had some spiderwort. I love the stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,
It was very nice to meet you and be one of your carpool buddies. Best of luck in your East Austin garden!

Diana said...

Lee - it was great to meet you last weekend -- wasn't it fun? I love your winecup and spiderwort and irises -- those are all favorites of mine. I noticed my first winecup flower popped out yesterday and I have 3 spiderwort that I need to plant. So, do you care that the caterpillar is eating your fennel or are you happy that it isn't eating some other plant? They are always all over my parsley, but I'm ok with that, it's tough and survives because it's really big.

Unknown said...

Hey lee, Mel and I counted 16 swallowtail caterpillars munching down our butterflyweed in a matter of 24 hours. oh the decimation! However, I am rooting for the little guys...

also, the UT prickly pear cactus rescue was a success! Our rescue cacti from you guys are beginning to sprout. true champions.

Lori said...

Hey, Lee, it was great to meet you on Saturday! And I forgot to tell you how much I liked your post about the environmental unsoundness of river rocks. Amusingly, I was talking to Annie about a source for cheap rocks, and she suggested going to the Austin cemetary off of Mopac and asking for the rocks they dig out of the grave sites. Not exactly great for a convincing river look, but at least it's a sustainable source. ;)

herself said...

I love the swallowtail photo.

They've been all over the dill here in Houston too this week.

Dawn said...

Lee: I was glad to meet you at the Spring Fling. Kudos for braving a tour with so many women. ;-)

Congrats on your iris blooms. Your yellow columbine are very nice as well. And I love your fat & happy caterpillar shot. I'm hoping for some monarchs on my milkweed plants this year. Hope springs eternal!