25 April 2015

Our Yard Became a Jungle

Somehow, when we turned our backs, the garden became a jungle. Homogeneity this is not. I'm afraid that nature is in charge now, and we can merely assist.


TexasDeb said...

And what a lovely jungle it is. It is good to see so many happy plants in one place and know they are being enjoyed by folks who value their existence.

Past that I want to personally thank you for a shot with a path that actually has a couple of (tiny) plants growing in it. We joke here that perhaps we should swap the beds and paths out, functionally, so many plants seem SO more interested in rooting in the decomposed granite!

Rock rose said...

It really is amazing how quickly nature takes over. I have seen it many times after 6 weeks away from home. I guess it shows everything is happy. Of course if you aren't around the snakes like to move in. Had foxes one summer and rattlesnake another. I hope you are happy with the new look.

Shelley said...

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Anonymous said...

Amazing how nature can take over, but still very lovely indeed! Has that cottage garden feel, so relaxing! By the way If you like to put stone works in your garden you can get some ideas from Katy Landscaping, will be perfect for your pathway.