30 March 2010

plants: Coral Honeysuckle

We planted a coral honeysuckle vine (Lonicera sempervirens) about 4 years ago that has struggled and struggled, never growing more than about 3 feet tall and never having many blooms.

Something changed this year. After the hard hard freeze, this plant started growing gangbusters. It has already reached almost to the top of our front porch, about 8 feet tall and is growing strong.

And it is covered in blooms and buds (for it's size anyway). We planted this for the hummingbirds. It's a great native, evergreen vine that the hummers love, since they are attracted to red, long flowers. The flowers are a perfect fit for their long bills. I suppose that means the long-tongued hawkmoths (my fav) will love it too.


Caroline said...

Mine's going crazy, too! Wonder what the trigger was--the drought, the cold or the rains?

Lee said...

A trifecta?