26 March 2009

Rushing to Garden

The more I learn about Felder Rushing, a gardener in Mississippi, the more I like him. Here are some choice quotes from his article today in the New York Times.
"My way of thinking right now is brown is a color, too."

"I’m not a snob, but I’m outside in my bathrobe a lot, and in the mornings I look like Jesus’ drunk brother."

"Strawberries are sexy, but they take all year and you get sweet bags of water."
I might add those sweet bags of water mostly fill the gullets of other critters, not mine...


Funny, Garden Rant and I were on the same exact wavelength. Full disclosure: they introduced me to Rushing in the first place with a post a while back.

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Lori said...

Me too! The first I'd ever heard of Felder Rushing was through Garden Rant, and I admired their pictures of his front yard, but it was the NYT interview that really made me a fan. The man is hilarious.

My favorite quote was towards the end of the article, on the subject of lettuce: “I grew some in a hanging basket last year. All it took was a squirt of vinaigrette, and I didn’t even have to bend over to eat it.”

Now I'm tempted to employ that lettuce-eating method, just because I can. ;)