02 March 2008

Lime and Yellows

I did a quick tour around the garden yesterday and found a lot of lime and yellow colors.

Almost nothing beats the smell of citrus flowers, like these tiny ones on the Mexican lime.

New fronds of the wood fern are way more lime-colored in person. Plants always look good with water droplets on them (these are natural).

The dill proudly displays its yellow umbels tall above the diminishing winter veggie garden. I'm starting to pull out the old lettuces and broccolis to make room for warm season things like tomatoes, basil, beans and cucumbers.

This spiky native shrub, agarito (Berberis trifoliata), has sweet smelling yellow flowers that turn into plump red berries the birds love. I hope these will grow large to form a tiny thicket - a favorite habitat for mockingbirds. I lot of people plant non-native (Californian?) mahonia around here, but I think this native is just as good.


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Your dill is already blooming, wow. Mine is still tiny

Diana said...

I guess I never really noticed the yellow on the agarita. We have plenty of it here in our woody area and I see the berries a lot. Now I will have to go out and scout! Your lime colors are lovely - and the lime tree is beautiful. I had a big one die on my last year - at least it looks dead in the garage where all the other protected plants are thriving. Out into the sun they go next weekend, but I may have to go buy another lime tree.

Anonymous said...

I just posted pics of agarita today too.

Annie in Austin said...

Lee, is that the same lime that looked frostbitten earlier in February?
My 2 Meyer's lemons are just sitting there - no buds let alone blooms. Maybe limes are tougher.

Lime and lemon are colors, too - everything doesn't have to be hot pink ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Lee said...

The very same lime! It is recovering very quickly. Our meyer lemons still look ragged and budless too, but I have a friend with a meyer lemon tree full of sweet blossoms. I wonder when ours will get with it?