17 November 2007

Weeping Yaupon Installed

We planted a weeping yaupon (Ilex vomitorium) by the front walk and door yesterday. [Full disclosure: Ted's Trees, where we bought the small tree, actually planted it for us. It's a great resource for trees in East Austin and they have a one year guarantee when they plant it.] They used stakes, which I've actually heard is not good for the tree. But they recommended leaving them on for only 6-8 months, and that sounds reasonable to me.

We chose the weeping variety because we wanted something tight and vertical, a bit more modern than the wider, bushy variety. And of course, we found one with big luscious red berries (only the females) for the birds and winter interest. Now, we just hope for enough males around to make new berries next year (or we plant a male somewhere nearby).

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