26 May 2014

New Screen to Cover the Compost Zone

John got the gumption recently to build a screen to block one of our back utility areas, and I couldn't be happier.

Though it's way in the back corner of our back garden, the compost bins have always driven us nuts, and the back chainlink fences that we share with neighbors are forlorn. The screen is a good way to create a visual block without having to spend a bunch of money and time on a complete fence.

Plus, it creates a "behind the scenes" space where we can toss compost, tree limbs and etc while we figure out what to do with them all.

Here are a few process photos:

For anyone interested in implementing something similar, we used 4x4 rough cedar posts and 2x2 rough cedar for the slats. We decided not to cement this in, because it's not a weight bearing structure, and we might have to remove it someday if we do any other bigger projects out back.

It should hold up just fine for a number of years.


Praveen Saanker said...

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TexasDeb said...

A clever and easily borrowed solution for a problem many of us have - what to do with brush piles and other temporary "messes" that can interfere with the overall view of and from the garden.

Thanks for including the materials list - I'm forwarding this to our chief builder right away.

Vicki @ Playin' Outside said...

Such a simple, but beautifully classy, way to solve several issues. Really love everything you guys do with your garden!

Raj Cbrt said...

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