08 June 2014

When American Germander Takes Over

The American germander is starting to bloom with gorgeous repetitive whitish pink flower spikes.

This plant is taking over the front corner of the front garden, an is threatening to take over the entire garden.

I'm too busy (ahem, lazy) to keep it in check, so what will? Well, eventually something will, I'm sure of it. Perhaps some other plant (goldenrod) will start competing with it, or the ash tree will die or we'll cut it down and it'll be too sunny. Or it won't be moist enough for it (we don't water it and it likes moisture, so it's happy this year).

Above is the view of the germander creeping into the main garden space from the edge, starting to crowd into the sedge. There's a datura poking out from the germander mass, too.


TexasDeb said...

Ha! I often "allow" a plant to take over and occasionally regret it.. Pink primrose and obedient plant and ruellia, I'm looking at YOU!

Most of the time the plants that take over are the ones that are especially well suited for our area. So who am I to say they shouldn't have more space than the stragglers? Plus, I take not-so-secret pleasure in watching any plant thrive if it blooms as part of the package. I am a total sucker for a sea of flowers as it turns out. Your germander looks lovely!

Judi Gustafson said...

Amen to that, TexasDeb!

Hannah said...

That seems to be the problem when a plant really does well in your garden, it can get over-enthusiastic. I guess it's a matter of how easy it is to pull out and what you have to grow instead. It's funny, I just read Shirley's Wildflower Wednesday post promoting the Germander, her blog Rock-Oak-Deer's garden is in San Antonio.