10 February 2011

inspiration: Cement Sculpture at PCO Designs

I've begun to dabble a bit in concrete construction, building a couple of bird baths and planters. And I can't wait for it to get a bit warmer so I can begin experimenting again.

That said, I am a total amateur compared to Paul C. Oglesby, Jr. over at PCO Designs. That's his work to the left. It's all very space-age and has a slight biological feel to it. Head over to his site and check it out.


(Hat tip: Stephanie Nance.)


Laguna Dirt said...

love his shapes and textures. can't wait for your next incarnations! and a lesson!!

Mamaholt said...

I feel kinda jealous already.

Twig said...

Just found your blog. You have me at garden art. I love cement.