13 February 2011

cold: Assessing the Damage

Strolled around the garden this weekend assessing the damage from the Great Cold of 2011 (it better be done, by the way, because this weekend was amazing). Most things at the Grackle actually fared pretty well, but there are some things that are freeze dried and mushy. Mostly the zone pushers and non-natives. Here they are:

These pretty little yellow and green agaves are toast.

 Barbados cherry, as last year after the frost. Crispy and freeze dried.

The lavender is not looking so hot either.

Anacua, or sandpaper tree, with brown sandpapery leaves. If it doesn't freeze, this is an evergreen. This year, as with last, it is freeze dried.

The bamboo muhly - so green just a week ago - is yellow and toasty. It's still pretty though, catching the sunlight.


Wendy said...

I love your concrete pavers. Did you buy them locally or make them on site?

Lee said...

Hi Wendy. These are actually limestone pavers. They come with rough edges and then you can saw them to shape with a masonry blade on a circular saw. I haven't yet experimented with concrete pavers, but hope to someday.

Marietta Nixon said...

I wonder if we can get that same kind of design with our concrete pavers as you have with your pavers. So sorry to hear about all of your plants. It's actually sad to see all your hard planting work freeze. Thanks so much for sharing.