22 June 2009

Front Garden: Brainstorm Part I

I've been dreaming about doing something to the front yard for a while, sketching out 1,000 plans, dreaming out the window, pondering. And though the resources (i.e., cold hard cash) still are not abundant, I'm beginning to get much closer to the Do It Time. I can feel it in the hot air.

The first part of the project will be to re-established a front wall. (Here's the one I took down during winter.) There have been times that I've wanted to wall the front yard in with tall walls and call it my private haven. I absolutely love courtyard gardens and walled front gardens, especially after my travels to Mexico and New Mexico. Oh, wow, that still sounds so nice.

But, I've decided that a smaller, more suburb-appropriate wall will make more sense. Just something about 2-3 feet tall and limestone to match the house. A little something to mark the barrier and give the space some architecture. The courtyard feeling will have to come later, as I plant shrubs, small trees and perennials to make a green hedge. I'm still looking for that enclosed private feeling, but I think it could be softer. If everyone in the 'hood had tall front walls, I'd be all over it, but it would be too out of place and isolating within the current fashion.

Last weekend, I staked out the potential wall, path and stair locations with wood and string. This string marks where I'd like the new front walk (pictured from the front door):

Unfortunately, the circular brick walk is history. It has its moments, but I'm more a fan of the straight, take-me-where-I-need-to-go walkway. There's definitely something to be said for dallying about a meandering path, and for making visitors pause to appreciate the garden. But, I just can't feel how it would work here, so I'm going with my gut.

Squint the eyes and you can make out the front wall here...


Pam/Digging said...

Yeah, while I like circular elements in a garden, I have to agree that the brick walk just doesn't look like your style, Lee. Are you going with a cut limestone path like the one in the back garden? And what kind of limestone wall are you envisioning?

TexasDeb said...

Oooh - the very best projects are the cool ones other folks are doing that I can "supervise" from my air conditioned computer screen indoors.

I agree a straight shot front walk seems a better option and also that a small wall as starting point will be right for the space.

Do keep us posted.