20 June 2009

For the Birds

Lately, the hummingbirds, or at least one hummingbird, has been zooming about the garden like the Jetsons. I haven't been able to catch the critter on film, but I can capture a couple of the plants blooming right now that we've put in to attract hummingbirds .

There's the desert willow (on its second bloom of the summer):

The flame acanthus (just beginning to bloom):

The turk's cap (which seems to always be blooming):

And speaking of the desert willow, I trimmed a branch off today and found this beautiful praying mantis hiding amongst the long slender leaves:


NellJean said...

That praying mantis is likely lying in wait for a hummingbird. They find the hummers very tasty. Isn't that a horrible thought?

TexasDeb said...

I have one hummer that checks out my feeder occasionally and then zooms off. I don't know if that is because we have plenty of natural blooms they prefer or is judgment passed upon the nectar I am mixing.

Love the praying mantis photo - am absolutely horrified to hear they eat hummingbirds. I have decided I will ignore that gruesome fact and hope to enjoy both in our yard under peaceful circumstances.

Lee said...

I have heard of large tropical praying mantises (or is it manti?) eating birds, but this particular mantis is only about 1 inch long. I think the hummer would win in that battle...