23 June 2009

Front Hardscape: A Virtual Design

Often, landscape designers and landscape architects will take real photos of the spaces they will be working on and layer tracing paper or vellum over those photos to sketch out their ideas. It's a great way to see how all those overhead drawings will turn out in perspective. I've done the same thing here for the developing front garden plan, only using Photoshop and Illustrator, to see what some of these walls and walkways might look like.

The materials aren't represented here--just the shapes. Here's what the front walk might look like:

And the walls and front stairs from a couple of angles:

I'd definitely like to someday have a gate/arbor at the entrance. And I'm thinking of using drystack limestone, like that pictured below, for the wall.

Of course, no design or material is set in stone just yet. I'm dreaming away. Ah, dreams. [The before photos are in the previous post.]


Lorry said...

There is a great low wall in Cedarburg, I'll have to show you when you are here. It may inspire you some more. The home owner is an architech in town and the wall is really cool.

Lee said...

Hey Lorry! I can't wait!

TexasDeb said...

So much fun. I like your prospects.

I was all inspired, went out to reconsider certain garden pathways around here and after nearly perishing from heatstroke recalled why computer program garden revision is so wise this time of year.

Yee-ikes it is hot.

Caroline said...

I like it. Nice clean lines. I'm starting to wish I'd done a more modern-looking path like this than the native limestone one I did.

cat said...

it all sounds great! we have a similar plan for our front with an arbor and wall..hopefully both our dreams will become reality! :)

Denver Retaining Walls said...

Your preferred design seems to be great, drystack limestone? hmm not bad since this kind of stone is perfect for garden walls.