01 October 2007

Lep Lounge

We got the butterfly garden all prepped and ready for plants at the creek by the house. Mil gracias to all who helped! (Next time: plants!)


Pam/Digging said...

Speaking of community gardening over at Digging---your comment on my post led me to your blog, Lee, and I'm happy to discover another Austin garden blogger. And one on the east side, which has lacked a representative among all the garden bloggers in town.

I hope you'll add your blog to Stuart's world-map directory when you have a chance: http://blog-directory.gardeningtipsnideas.com/html/add_blog.html. You'll be helping us retain the (tongue-in-cheek) title of garden-blogging capital of the world.

Dawn said...

Hi Lee!

Pam told me about your blog. Nice to 'meet' another Austin Garden Blogger. I will add a link on my blog to yours. :-)

Looks like you are preparing the butterfly beds very well. It's going to be a beautiful garden!


Annie in Austin said...

Pam sent me here, too, Lee - and reading your blog has been a freaky experience! In my not-quite-alternate black clay universe our Arizona Ash came down to a YouTube song, my lavender died from being too wet, the Divas of the Dirt work together on garden projects and my husband and I have been dealing with pecan branches which collapsed from the weight.

Too bad you missed the last Austin Garden blogger lunch at Shady Grove!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Diana said...

Okay - Pam sent me to your blog as well! I'll enjoy watching you put in your new bed. I JUST finished one last week -- a major project. I thoroughy enjoyed your commentary about "style" and think I'd describe my front gardens as Texas Cottage ( a hybrid - much like what you described) and the back is Texas Tropical! Come visit my blog and I'll add a link to yours. Cheers, Diana

Vivé said...

Heh heh. You've been outed. How could you start a garden blog and not tell me??? --Vive