03 October 2007

Howdy friends

Well...HELLO everyone!

Thanks for dropping by my wee little blog and saying howdy. Yes, it's true: I've been lurking around the Austin garden blogosphere for a time now, and a while ago I was inspired to begin my own blog. Over the couple of years that I've been gardening, I've tried and tried to have a paper garden journal, to keep track of rain or what's blooming or migrating or singing in the trees, but I've just never been able to keep at it. It's always been a note here, a note there. So, I gave the ol' blogging a try and it seems to be working. And now I can see the added benefit: community!

Thanks for welcoming me to the club, ya'll. I look forward to being part of the Austin garden blogging scene!



Yolanda Elizabet said...

Oh noooooo, not another garden blogger from Austin. ;-) What's going on in Austin with gardeners and blogging? Did they put something in the water? :-D

Nice blog Lee!

cheerio from a garden blogger in the Netherlands

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I'm not an Austinite, but am enjoying my first visit to your blog! Like you, I find this much more fun and easier to keep up with. (In my case, I think it has something to do with being able to put the pictures with the text!)

Emily said...

Hello there! I'm also a 78722 gardener. I wonder if we live in the same neighborhood. I look forward to reading about your gardening adventures.


LostRoses said...

So many Austin gardeners, it really is quite amazing! I'm sure you've found out by now, Lee, that blogging is heck of a lot more fun than trying to keep a paper garden journal, and I dare say it's a lot more time consuming. But what an archive of informaton you'll end up with!

Bonnie said...

Hope to meet you soon and glad to be a visitor to your blog.

riquelmeTX said...

this is my first foray into the garden blogosphere. i'm very interested to learn from other eastside gardeners. my husband and i are still in hardscaping mode but will be planting soon...
wish us luck!
love the concrete planter btw - does your friend sell them locally?