25 September 2007

Fall To Do's

A list of things that we could do this fall:

Front yard
  • plant gold lantana on the south of the path for balance
  • plant yaupon holly next to front walk (evergreen and good for birds)
  • move kidneywood
  • add red gregg's salvia (x5)
  • create drainage creek
  • remove grass and throw in crushed granite for the meditation circle?
  • prune lacey oak, texas persimmon
  • add purple coneflowers, texas betony, black-eyed susans, Nolina texana, coralberry, turk's cap
Back yard
  • move wax myrtle to create better plant border to patio
  • dig up remaining sea oats, give to friends, plant more herbs and flowers in that spot
  • make limestone path in back instead of brick squares
  • prune peach, mexican plum
  • plant more bamboo muhly by entry path
  • plant ferns in the hammock nook
  • move and/or remove Ruellia (petunia)
  • compost all

[I'm going to add to this as needed, just to keep a record....]

1 comment:

stephanie said...

very ambitious. hope i can help at some point.