03 October 2007

Pecan season begins

I just can't believe it. Despite the squirrels, the "self-pruning," the tree-guy pruning, the bagworms, the random shedding, the rain and the dog grazing, I found a whole handful of real live ripe and ready to eat pecans in the backyard! This is the first time that we've gotten anything off the tree (maybe the squirrels are just overwhelmed this year, as I'm sure it's a good one for pecan production with all the rain).

This pile of goodness beats the hell out of the piles of badness that are usually back there (thanks, Libby) and it almost makes me appreciate that blasted old pecan tree!


Annie in Austin said...

Congratulations on your first crop - are they sweet?
This post gives me hope, Lee... we've yet to have one edible pecan from our two trees. The nuts fall off early, are undeveloped, or hollow or full of some weird bug stuff or the squirrels get them.

Will the fourth autumn be lucky?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Lee said...

Well, the more of these that I've been opening, the more weirdness I'm actually finding. Many of them are empty or moldy. Blech! I'd say about 1 in 5 is good to eat right now...let's hope for better as time marches on.

Bonnie said...

I'm amazed at the weight on the pecan trees this year with the crop. But sad to hear you're finding them not such a good crop. I'll have to ask my mom how hers are doing. My grandfather and I used to gather them up all over his yard in East TX when I was little. Sometimes I have to go buy some to crack and eat just to recall those feelings of childhood.

Anonymous said...

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