25 February 2014

Transition to Spring

Things have begun their transition to spring here in Austin. Mexican plums blooming. Ageritas perfuming the air.

Here's a possumhaw full of winter berries with new leaves peaking through.

Bluebonnet rosettes and verbena greening up this planting with lovely tan winter grasses in the background.

Golden groundsel beginning it's show in the understory before the trees leaf out.

Carolina jessamine glowing yellow.

A wonderful time full of anticipation!

(All photos taken at the Wildflower Center.)

1 comment:

Tina said...

Great photos and all reflect the oncoming spring! The birds snatched my Possumhaw berries some time ago, but I also have those pretty, tiny leaves emerging. My Golden Groundsel is just beginning to develop its bloom stalk. Now, if I can get my dog to stop digging.