07 October 2013

Fall Blooms & Berries

The fall light, slightly cooler temps, and small booster rainstorms are causing blooms to burst all around Austin. It's very pretty out there right now. I planted a few of these pink variegated Gregg's salvias last year (above) and they finally decided to start blooming. 

Below, evidence that our garden is merely steps away from becoming Grey Gardens. If you come by sometime and can't find the house beneath all the growth, just shout our names until you find us in the mass. 

Barbados cherries are flush with blooms. Lovely!

And of course, now is the time for beautyberries to begin to shine. I'm loving this combo of beautyberry and Turks cap just outside our bedroom window.


Judi Gustafson said...


Anonymous said...

LOVELY! you are surrounded! :)

Anonymous said...

Agreed - love the combination of beautyberry and turks cap. I'd love to try beautyberry if I just had the space.

Anonymous said...

Grey Gardens? Ha! Your garden is lovely. I wonder what it must be like sitting in it sipping coffee on a bright clear morning. What scent would be in the air and what would I hear? I just removed all my lawn and planted perennials. Neighbors stroll by within the confines of city sidewalks and say "nice job" but seem shy about walking into the garden. Chocolate flower is planted right at the corner of my front walk but I've yet to see anyone bend down and smell the chocolate.
Your garden is wonderful!