09 October 2012

Fall Cleaning

Well, I started some fall clean-up this weekend. It had actually been a while since I'd done any kind of maintenance in the garden and it felt really good to get out there. Didn't do too much. Moved a few plants around, pruned a bit, and removed some things that have started not doing well. I'm actually surprised at the blooms that are going strong. The neighbor's coral vine, for example, is going gangbusters this year (above photo).

Our xylosma has grown to gargantuan proportions this year, relatively. I swear that it has tripled in size this summer. Here's a photo of it, in the background, now taller than the house eaves:

And here's what it looked like in 2009:


I've decided that this is the year that I begin editing the garden. Lots of things have grown and changed, and it's high time to decide what things ought to stay and what ought to go. Plants like Jerusalem sage were once doing amazing work, but now it is shriveled, probably too much shade now because of the xylosma.

John, surveying the back garden. I also took a bold step and decided to finally plant the Meyer lemon and Mexican lime trees in the garden, rather than have them in pots. 


Northern Shade said...

Your xylosma has shown phenomenal growth in just 3 years. That whole side of your garden looks so much lusher now. Plus, it blurs the boundaries of your garden by covering the fence.

I've been busy moving and planting in the garden, but our snow is coming soon, so I'll have to let everything settle in, ans finish up next spring.

Anonymous said...

Your garden is so lovely. I'd love to just come and relax in those chairs with a wine cooler. I have a hard time taking things out in my garden, but sometimes natures does it for me, and that helps. Laura