12 December 2011

Ty-Ty One On

I just have to take a break from regularly scheduled programming to point out the Ty-Ty Tree Nursery in Georgia. Frickin' hilarious marketing these guys have. Here's a video just to whet your whistle with their particularly strange brand of humor. Their advertising goes from homoerotic to heteroerotic to just completely ridiculous.

Automakers used pin-ups for years. I guess these are kind of like pin-ups for trees? Uh, what the?...


David said...

But NEVER, NEVER, EVER order anything from them. They are notorious for sending the wrong thing...and they will do it on purpose and pretend to apologize. My experience was in a canna flower group and the horror stories were passed around until we all knew better. They moved into Texas markets in the area of selling pecan trees a few year back simply because they have no reputation here and have worn out the folks in Georgia. Buyer be ware! Buy from Texans and buy in person if possible.
David/ :-)
P.S. Their adds ARE indeed entertaining. They should probably just make videos and sell them instead of pretending to sell rare cultivars and other plants.

Lee said...

Thanks for the heads up David. And you make a great point about buying Texas (or near to wherever you live). In principle, I think we ought to all be purchasing local and native. In Texas, there's Native American Seed and plenty of other local tree and plant nurseries around, many of them carrying even regionally native stock (meaning with the genes adapted to your particular environs). Around here, I love Madrone Nursery in San Marcos. Texas Natives is another...But yep, funny ads!