19 December 2011

One Lonely Lemon Still Makes a Curd

This year our improved Meyer lemon tree produced only 4 lemons, after producing a bumper crop last year. I hear that they might alternate years like that. And then some damn critter got to three of them, stealing them away in the night to ne'er be seen again. I can only guess it was a coon, since a squirrel would probably just take a bite out of the fruit and leave it there. These had vanished.

So I collected this one as quick as possible and got to making the annual lemon curd. (Here's the recipe.) I made some awful cookies to go with the curd too, but as Stephanie said, lemon curd really just needs a vehicle to get into your mouth, so the status of the cookies wasn't a complete downer.

Yum. Lemon curd.

1 comment:

Roberta said...

A lemon breathed coon is a sweet thought. The only coon I ever really knew was one that I used to feed crawdads to as a teenager. It could have used a lemony breath freshener, I'm sure.