06 April 2011

Steel Ants

My brother of patio light fame is a creative genius. Genius Example Number 1: He created his own plasma cutter to slice into steel. Genius Example Number 2: He has created all these awesome little creatures with the steel cutter based on patterns from those wooden models we've all put together at some point in our lives.

Just got three of these little ants in the mail.

Look how cute they are...And they are small and intricate enough to fit in my (yikes, old looking) hand.

Haven't quite figured out the best home yet for these steel ants, but I'll just keep moving them around until something clicks.

Thanks bro! You were brilliant even before the Ph.D...


Mamaholt said...

Oooo, I have the perfect spot for them: MY HOUSE!
Har Har.
Yea, the age-revealing photos can be unsettling. sigh.

RClippa said...

Your welcome. I hope they are a little surprise as people explore your garden. I can't wait to see them with a little patina on them. If you want to speed it up and make it sort of even all you need to so is spray them for a couple days with a salt, vinegar, and peroxide mix. Or just hit them with some salt water.

Laguna Dirt said...

they are intricate! looks like they need to be high up, crawling around on something. nice bro!

succulent garden said...

Yea, the age-revealing photos can be unsettling. sigh.