05 April 2011

Spring Blooms, A Sampler

A quick sampler of some of the plants blooming around the Grackle right now.

 Blackfoot daisy

 Purple coneflower and hymenoxys


Gulf penstemon against the cedar fence

A patch of Gulf penstemon makes the honey bees happy
 Texas betony is attracting the hummingbirds (I see them now too!)

Spiderwort (not sure if this is the native T. accidentalis or some other wild thing)

Not pictured: coral honeysuckle, rose, Confederate jasmine, Engelmann's daisy, lantana, rock rose, Jerusalem sage, pomegranate.


Angela (Cottage Magpie) said...

Oh, so pretty! I especially love the gulf penstemon -- just lovely!

RClippa said...

Honey Bees? Does that mean that you broke down and got your own hive or are you busy feeding someone elses?

Lee said...

No honey bee hives yet in this garden. That will be a project for next year...