22 May 2010

plants: Lavender 'Goodwin Creek'

I've tried lots of lavenders over the past few years and none of them have done very well, either outright dying or just withering away and looking terrible. Mostly, I think it's because my garden is pretty humid and the "Houston black" clay is really challenging.

Finally, I found one that is doing great, a variety called "Goodwin Creek." The plant tag said it did well in the humidity of San Antonio, so I thought I'd give it a try.

I bought to new ones this year to fill in some space, and they too, are doing fabulous thus far.


Kyle Mox said...

I've had one in a pot for about three years running now. I'm in College Station, which has an odd combination of humidity and lack of rainfall. I've actually had to trim it back several times!

Nancy said...

Mine did wonderfully well until the drought last year with the 100+ weather. I had four different kinds. Planted them and then ignored them. They were huge and full of blooms and bees. Then with the drought we tried to keep them watered but they died slowly and sadly except one plant who sent a runner that rooted and a later plant that had more shade. I planted Provence lavender which do the best over the Spanish and the English types. I love your blog.

David said...

Goodwin Creek is the first lavender I've tried here and Houston. Even with 12 inches of rain in one month and high humidity to boot, it has not rotted.
I grow it in sandy soil/ 1/2 day shade.
David (Tropical Texana~Houston)