22 May 2010

deep thoughts: Evolving From Planter to Gardener

I've mused on the difference between a landscaper and gardener in the past, and this is a related thread.

I was sitting around the garden last night beneath the twinkling strings of lights, the sounds of frogs and our various wind chimes jingling in the summer breeze. I noticed that I was fairly well enveloped in plants and that so many of our plants are just getting humongous. Crowded, in fact.

I've never had this experience.

And so, I was thinking that all this time I've been planting and planting and moving earth and hardscaping and weeding, I have been nothing but a "Planter" in my garden.

[The back berms in Sept. 2008, waiting for planting.]

But now, I am able to begin editing, pruning, shifting, moving things around, gently filling in open spaces, creating better plant combinations. In short, I think that now I can be a "Gardener."

[The same space now, waiting to be gardened.]
But this is really a brave new world for me. Will I be able to do it right?

[Back berm from the other direction in Sept. 2008.]

[Same general view.]

[And another just for kicks.]


The Curious Holts said...

Beautiful. Gives me hope. Your yard is really fantastic.

A Ellis said...

I sympathize. I have secretly worried for years that I actually preferred the heavy hard work "creating" the whole thing, and that once that was done, I'd get bored. So far each time that came close, we moved. But it'a possibility. Your creations are beautiful.

Pam/Digging said...

Now that your garden is all planted, you're moving on to the more creative, intellectual, and fun part of gardening, IMO: watching plants mature, dividing, moving plants around, editing out under-performers, and creating new combinations based on what you observe. How fun! Enjoy the new challenges.

TexasDeb said...

I'm totally on the fence. I think I enjoy the starting out part where it feels at least that ANYthing is possible. Then hard reality (and summer sun) sets in and my mistakes either die quickly or slowly - taunting me...

That said there is something SO satisfying about the need to edit where plants are already established.... What I do know is that your creations are beautiful as A Ellis stated. Whatever you call yourself and what you do - you are great at it!

Lancashire rose said...

It all looks very lovely but I know what you mean. I think you gave them too much richness!