02 August 2009

Front Garden: The Big Dig

More progress is occurring in the front. I posted the circle of sand on Craigslist and a nice couple from Kyle jumped all over it. They came over for three nights in a row and dug up the sand and took it to their place in Kyle to build a back patio.

I love that these materials aren't going to waste.

We also had some people help with digging out the soil where there will eventually be a new front terrace, wall, entry path and front patio.

Here's the front terrace taking shape:

The entry path. We found some old entry sidewalk cement under there. The white PVC pipe is an eventual conduit for any electricity for lights and tubes for drip irrigation:

The location of the new front patio:


luksky said...

Coming along....looks nice!

TexasDeb said...

Hooray for the Kyle couple and an even bigger high five for the folks helping with digging in this heat. I'd think to myself "are these folks crazy starting a project this time of year?" but then I see the potential in what you are doing and know once I'd decided I wouldn't be able to wait, either. It is going to look so Grackle worthy!

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

I don't have the guts to start a project like that right now. I'm holding off till October. You're braver than I am!

Lancashire rose said...

It's always exciting planning and getting started on a new project. Yours is coming along nicely.

Bob said...

I love big projects and that is a BIG project. Just a suggestion, I would put at least two more coduits across the walkway. One should be close to the house and one further out by the road. PVC is cheap and having a couple of extras would be cheap insurance for needing to get under it later. After something is pulled through a conduit it is very hard to get something else in there. Just a thought.

Lee said...

Thanks for the advice Bob. I'll take it!