26 July 2009

July Color

Despite the doomsday thinking in the previous post, there are a few nice things going on in the garden. A little color here and there.

Here's a Meyer lemon ripening:

American beauty berry, which is one of my favorite deciduous shrubs, is already beginning to show off it's purple berries. Seems early, but...

This little patch of purple coneflowers attracts a Gulf fritillary:

A medium sized writing spider has chosen a great spot for her web: the patch of turk's cap. The turk's cap continues to bloom and bloom without a drop of water. And because it's one of the only games in town, it's usually full of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. This spider is one smart cookie. And pretty too.

1 comment:

TexasDeb said...

I'm envious of your purple coneflowers - mine all seem to have fried in the heat. I appreciate the reminder to get out there and ENJOY the sturdy plants that are hanging in.