04 November 2008

Go Greens Go!

This whole Super Bowl--I mean presidential election--business is making me nervous, so what better to do than garden blog?

My newly planted greens are going bonkers. This year, I decided to plant arugula and spinach from seed for the first time and tried again with the beets, which I've never been successful with. They are all doing AMAZINGLY well. [Thanks to TW for watering in my absence!]

The arugula is at a perfect height for salad harvesting and all the beets are doing great too.

Tonight, I began to thin out the beets using scissors. I left a plant every 3 to 4 inches and apparently this will determine how large the final beets are. Here they are pre-thinning:

I threw these delicious little greens in a salad with a bit of freshly snipped arugula, Carr Valley cheese from Wisconsin (thanks Tony!), honey truffle oil from Italy (thanks Steph!), luscious pears from the Co-op, and a touch of white wine vinegar. Yum.

I'm going to let the spinach grow for a bit before thinning it out. But it's looking pretty good too:


Diana said...

It does all look yummy, Lee. I'm with you on the blogging - I'm standing in the kitchen posting with one eye and watching CNN with the other! It's so exciting.

Lancashire rose said...

what are you feeding them? they look incredibly healthy.

Lee said...

I'm not feeding them anything! Isn't that great? However, I should say that they are planted in brand new soil from Natural Gardener that's full of compost. Next year, amendments will probably be more needed...

Laura said...

yum!! i LOVE arugula!! it's too easy for me to get at my farmer's market so i stopped growing it myself. have you had it with eggs? it's delicious!! i haven't been blogging or even reading my faves lately but i'm slowly getting back to it. glad to see you posting!