21 October 2008

Dalea Deluxe

Hey Austin Garden Bloggers! It was great to see you all this past Sunday. Thanks for your kind comments on our Grackle garden, and for the seeds, citrus, candles, wine, transplants and pups. What an amazing, kind group of people, eh?!

So, some of you were asking about the "dalea tree" in the front yard. My best guess is that this is a Silver dalea, Dalea bicolor var. argyraea, but I'm not sure it even totally matches what I have, which is now about 7 feet tall. If anyone has any better guesses, let me know! (I'll see if I can post some better pix of it soon.)


Pam/Digging said...

I so enjoyed seeing your garden and getting a personal tour and meeting John and admiring your dalea tree---the list goes on. Thanks for having us over, Lee!

Diana said...

We had a great time -- it was nice to meet John and your sweet pup. I'm fantasizing about that brick pattern out back!

Lori said...

I had a great time on Sunday, and thank you so much for having us! I swear to god, I could feel my blood pressure dropping to vacation levels just sitting in one of those red chairs on your patio and looking around. You guys have created a really soothing, tranquil space, and I am so very, very envious. :)

I think I need to keep reminding myself to keep the plantings simple and focus on defining different spaces like you guys do so well, like only having bamboo muhly line the garage and only inland sea oats around the patio. And like everyone else, I'm coveting that awesome brick and pebble patio. ;)

Lancashire rose said...

You have created a wonderful garden to come home to at the end of the day. I have a weakness for water features so I loved your simple bowl and the planting around it. Also the horizontal screen and the celtic knot sitting area. I have never seen one used in that way before. It was perfect. It was also fun to actually see the painting you had blogged about. Thanks for identifying the bush. I searched yesterday but couldn't come up with an answer. The panicle flower seemed different from the flower structure on my dalea but maybe yours is really happy in that spot. Thanks for showing us your garden.

Lancashire rose said...

Just checked out the dalea and I think you have it. here is the site I looked at.