03 June 2007

The veggies and flowers grow wild

As I'm typing this, we're having yet another of our fantastic Texas storms. The rain, as other Central Texans can atest to, has been unstopping this year. It's really a beautiful thing. Barton Creek is flowing like I haven't seen it in years. Droughts are drowning. And it's been good (and bad) for the garden. Good, because I've had to use my new fanndangle drip irrigation systems maybe once since I installed it in February. All of my new plants are thriving. Well, most all. Some of them, like the evergreen sumac, drowned in our totally water-logged blackland prairie clay.

Anyway, this is all to say that here are the two beds in the back yard. One is John's Flower Garden and the raised one is for veggies. It's amazing to see how fast things can grow in this climate.

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