03 June 2007

Bacon on a Stick

Things-on-a-stick have always followed and tormented John and I. Art shows in Wisconsin abound with things-on-a-stick. Metal birds? Glass ball? Artsy blob? Put it on a stick. It'll sell like hotcakes! The people will flock. So, it was funny when our artist friend Steph picked up this bird-on-a-stick for us at a festa at Zilker Gardens. She proudly presented it to us after we had finished gorging on beef at the Salt Lick. The first thing that came out of my mouth: "Cool! Bacon-on-a-stick!" John and I laughed (because of our thing with things-on-a-stick) and Steph and the crew giggled along. But back in our garden, the bacon-on-a-stick actually adds a nice flash of red amongst the constant green of the herbs. This corner is full of lavender, lemon verbena, creeping time, and sea oats. Nothing with sparking color. So, bacon-on-a-stick. Who knew?

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