22 March 2014

Red Columbine

I love it every spring when my small bunch of red columbines, Aquilegia canadensis, blooms. 

These are volunteers from who know where, and they decided to grow hugged up against the corner of the house far out of regular view. They thrive in alkaline soil, so perhaps they benefit from the cement skirting around the base of the house?

I've been tempted to transplant these to someplace I want them, but always decide they are better off where they want to be. And it doesn't take much effort for me to visit with them in their place anyway.


Nancy said...

Columbine are some of my favorite flowers. Thank you for sharing the photo.

Rock rose said...

I love it but alas, this one is my nemesis.

TexasDeb said...

I love the shape of these blooms - they remind me of exploding fireworks in the sky.

I've tried growing Columbine in a few spots - I've got no end of shade to play with - but so far no luck getting anything to last more than one season. I'm just going to sit with a cup of coffee and enjoy yours!

Lee said...

Jenny, It's funny how a plant in one garden can be a treat and in another a complete pain in the ass!