12 October 2013

More Happy Plants

As I sit here typing this, the rain continues to come down out there. We had four inches (four inches!!) so far last night and it doesn't look to be letting up anytime soon. Thank goodness I went to ACL Fest last weekend instead of this one...

Lantana is a relatively "common" plant, but isn't it so beautiful in bloom?

I planted to frog fruit this year up front, just a few plants to see how they would do. This is a very lovely, non-showy native that forms a nice, spreading ground cover in the natural area by our house. Butterflies love the tiny white flowers. It seems to be doing well.

Zexmenia is another really solid, constant bloomer around these parts. Here is it with the agaves. Speaking of, I'm going to be removing these agaves this year. They provided very important structure when we were just starteing the garden, but now they are mostly a nuisance.

Rock rose, mist flower, and four nerve daisy...

Everything is blooming. Thank you rain!

By the way, keep an eye out for the monarchs. They are starting to migrate through albeit at very small numbers so far. I've also seen a few snout butterflies on the move.


Misti said...

Happy Rain! We finally got enough to fill our community pond back up, the downpour last night started it and then this morning's rain has made it even better.

Happy gardening!

Anonymous said...

We are getting rain here too....your garden is AWAKE! Lovely!

I am seeing a ton of monarchs here....it is so nice. I remember tons when I moved to TX in 2005...then not so much...this year I am seeing them in huge numbers again....I hope this is telling! :)

Pam/Digging said...

I'm surprised to hear you're getting rid of the agaves. Are they a nuisance because they're getting too large? Or do they pup all the time? What will you plant in their place?

Rock rose said...

I thought I had missed the monarchs because I have only seen one recently. Glad to know I haven't. That rain has had an amazing effect. Everything is green and flowering. Partly the cooler nights I think.