27 October 2013

Gayfeather and Goldenrod

The only gayfeather (Liatris sp.) in the garden is blooming bright purple-pink this week. It's a beautiful plant and would look amazing en masse. Above you can see it is in a mixed prairie-esque planting with standing cypress, giant coneflower, blue grama, sideoats grama and little bluestem. This is a new planting so all of the plants are only in their first year, aside from the Liatris and giant coneflower (which strangely doesn't bloom, but the big gray-green leaves are quite nice anyway).

Our side hedge is really filling in and the tall spreading goldenrod is always pretty this time of year.

After years and years, thesw the big Lindheimer muhlies are finally blooming in full force. 

These are native to the Edwards plateau more than the blackland, but they are a beautiful landscape grass around these parts anyway.


Rock rose said...

Do you think this was a good year for the muhly? I have one or two growing in my wild areas but I see it flowering in force everywhere. Your garden looks as lovely and native as ever.

Ally said...

What a great year for grasses! Every where I look the grasses are beautiful. I'm surprised to hear you say that your Lindheimer muhlies did not previously bloom. Is that because they weren't mature yet or some other reason?