26 April 2012

Loquats Dripping from the Trees

The loquats are dripping from the trees around here, and there has been buzz about them all over the local garden blogs and foodie media. I just harvested a bowl of them this morning, and look forward to turning them into something this evening. Mainly, I am trying to keep them away from our infinitely intelligent dog, because the seeds contain cyanide (like apples). If he eats them whole, they should pass through the system with no problem. But if he crunches on the seeds, I worry that the cyanide will be released in his digestive system. Word about the toxicity of loquat seeds is very mixed on the interwebs, some claiming that they are lowly toxic, some claiming that they are highly toxic. I'm not taking any chances. Plus, the more we harvest, the more we get to enjoy in one of these recipes!

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