20 March 2012

Propagating Rosemary

So it turns out that rosemary is easy to propagate. All you have to do is snip a few branches and throw them in a glass of water. After about two weeks, they cuttings will have grown lots of thin white roots.

Here there are transplanted into small pots.

When they get larger, I'll move them into ever larger pots. I love simple.


Lancashire rose said...

i had no idea you could do it in water. I usually snip some and put it in the ground, in a sheltered spot, in the fall. your method is much easier.

Spiritrunner said...

i do this with green onions but haven't tried with rosemary, my brother has a rosemary bush that im always having to run over and snip from for dinners because dried rosemary is kinda gross to me:S will def have to try this ty:)

jgust said...

ok, so I may be in love with you both! I've stuck some rosemary in a glass. Thank you for the advice