02 November 2011

Kales and Lettuces Going Gangbusters

A friend recently gave us some kale and lettuce transplants to grow in our new limestone garden beds, and they are growing like gangbusters!

This is my favorite time of year for veggie gardening in Texas. Frankly, it's the only time of year, if you want to stay sane.

The lettuces and kales are large enough now to harvest and use after only a few weeks.

And this sorrel is going to add a nice lemony zing to our salads with that lettuce.

I've also seeded in some lacinato kale, spinach, arugula and beets. Those should be pushing forth soon and ready to harvest in a few weeks too!


Roberta said...

So beautiful! I would be happy if all I ever grew was lettuce. I just planted seeds over the weekend and I hope they grow without the blasted guinea fowl eating it all up before I can get to it. Nice job and generous friend!

The Curious Holts said...

Looks gorgeous. I have a question about your lantana in the background. Do you cut it back ever? I don't understand why mine don't get as lush and am wondering if I should NOT cut them back after first freeze.
Might just be that I am a crappy gardener and you are not.

Lee said...

Yo Mama. I do cut the lantana back but I am forever feeling inadequate in the lantana department as well. I see them across town all tight a flush with blooms, and mine are generally leggy and late to flower. This one just happened to look good on this one day.

But that said, yep, I trim the beast back every winter.