05 September 2011

Muy Tropical

Despite the insane drought and the Summer-from-Hell, I spied this developing scene by the front wall and it was looking very tropical to me.

The big army green leaves of the loquats (non-native fruit producers) make a nice backdrop for the pink morning blooms of the native rock rose. A native dwarf palmetto also adds to the tropical, understory vibe (though I'm suspicious that it was mislabeled as such at the nursery and might have more of the larger Sabal texana in its genes than the diminutive Sabal minor). To the far left are the gray leaves of a volunteer datura (jimson weed) that is filling in nicely.

I smiled to see something that wasn't crispy and brown. Had to snap the photo with my iPhone (so the quality it a bit fuzzy).

1 comment:

Pam/Digging said...

That does look pretty big for a Sabal minor, especially if you haven't been growing it for 10 years.

I love the loquat and rock rose combo.