11 September 2011

John's Cactus Garden

What does one do when faced with the most ridiculous drought in the history of his life, but the burning desire to plant something and try to create some beauty from the madness?

He heads to the Austin Cactus & Succulent Society sale at Zilker Botanical Garden.

We've been slowing creating John's cactus garden along the back patio path, planting cacti and succulents in pots.

Cacti and succulents are so wonderful for their curious forms and ability to withstand heat and drought. (That said, they aren't completely maintenance free. Many of them can't handle our cold snaps, most of them actually don't do the best when it's 110 degrees without a little water, and succulents, in particular, actually like a bit of shade around these parts.)

Potting them is always a fun challenge. Adding these cacti and succulents to the garden is satisfying, but still, it's an ugly world out there in Central Texas right now. Everything is dried to a crisp and catching on fire. My thoughts are going out to all those folks who lost their homes in the current fires. I'm particularly saddened by all those losses in Bastrop, and depressed that one of my favorite spots in Texas - the Lost Pines - have been so heavily damaged.

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