13 August 2011

Quick Retaining Wall

I threw together this quick and dirty limestone wall today, since it was cool and cloudy out (yep, 98 degrees feels cool). We had some limestone left over from our big front wall project, and this berm in the back needed something to anchor it.

The goal is to get more level soil around the mountain laurel and loquat so that those two retain a bit of water when it does ever come. Otherwise, the water just runs off the berm. Plus, it gives me new planting possibilities.

It's definitely not high design. Very wabi-sabi. Just reuse of materials we already have and hopefully something useful too. It'll be fun to plant little things in front of the wall and perhaps some behind it that drape over the top.


Anonymous said...

Your wall looks wonderful! I am thinking rainy thoughts for all you Texas gardeners (who have such good blogs).

Tom in Kansas said...

Just came across your blog and had a good look around. Great work, gents--the place has interesting and appropriate plants, a good vibe and I always admire restraint. Bookmarked.

Lee said...

Thanks for visiting Tom!