21 June 2011

Go Wild with the Wild Petunias

The wild petunias started showing up in the garden a couple of years back, and I have to admit that I'm happy they did. This is probably considered a weed by some, but this native is really pretty and obviously doesn't mind the drought. The papery purple flowers open in the morning. I guess they like the cooler time of the day too...

Since showing up, the wild petunias have since spread all about, so I can see that it could be problematic for folks with more formal arrangements. But our gardens are a bit on the wild side here, so I've let it grow on the edges of pea gravel walks and in between pavers. Plus, I like to encourage things to grow where they want, rather than forcing them.

I believe this one is the wild petunia, Ruellia nudiflora, which interestingly is in the Acanthaceae (along with Flame Acanthus, another great native shrubby plant). The wild petunia is also a good butterfly host for several species, including the common buckeye.


Fabiana said...

Love the color of these wild things!

ciao from Newport Beach

Lee said...

Wait, after spending some time on Fabiana's blog...I want to be in Newport Beach. How fabulous!