12 April 2011

What Used to Be a Peach Tree

This 4-in-1 shot shows the part of the garden that used to be inhabited by a beautiful peach tree that produced beautiful flowers but super nasty gooey black and gross peaches. We had to remove the peach tree this past fall because it split apart in the wind (it would've been in the far right panel of this photo).

I missed the pink blossoms of the peach this spring, but am really happy with the way this area is growing in anyway. We've got grapes (left) and a small pomegranate tree (left-center), and lemon balms (right). Then there are the masses of gulf penstemon, heart-leaf skullcap, Texas betony and sedge. In about 15 or 20 years, the small live oak in the background (right-center) will be a much much bigger presence. It was a volunteer planted by a squirrel, and we are happy to have it.

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LindaCTG said...

Wow, I think it looks great without the peach tree. It's one thing I've discovered in gardening: sometimes losses are just what you really needed. Thanks again for our personal tour of this amazing space!