28 April 2011

Skullcaps and Milkweed Seeds

The tropical milkweed has gone to seed and the little furry umbrella seeds have burst forth from the crusty, horn-like husks.

They are floating over the newly blooming heartleaf skullcap, which looks pretty damn cool.

The skullcaps are sending forth their blueish-purple spikes of flowers.

When these die back in the summer, I'm hoping that the shrubby boneset that I interplanted will grow and take over the space.

1 comment:

Mamaholt said...

WHY did I not know that skullcap dies back in the summer? Totaly f$&%s up my plan for around the pondlette. sigh. I heard through the grapevine that your yard was being filmed by some delicious garden show. So, um, when's the garden blogger go-go? Hmmm?