10 March 2011

Spring Green

Not sure if I will ever tire of this combination, the sedge (Carex retroflexa) and heartleaf skullcap. I just love the pale gray fuzzy leaves of the skullcap. This plant is a spreader, oh boy. One of many that have decided to really stretch their arms our wide in our garden beds this year. The sedge too has reseeded itself about the place. But I'm not complaining (yet). Lots of space to fill.

This gaudy orange and red tropical milkweed was planted just in time to meet the monarch butterflies on their journey northward. They should be arriving in April sometime weighed down with eggs, and will be happy to have some milkweeds to deposit them on.


Mamaholt said...

Oooo, I just got some skullcap from a friend. I hope mine does this! I need a spreader too! (TWSS)

Caroline said...

My heartleaf skullcap is really taking off this year--so excited. I like your sedge/skullcap combo, I'm thinking maybe I should replicate it on the shady side of my house.