06 December 2010

inside: Forsythia Sage

One of the forsythia sage stalks either (a) became too heavy and collapsed over, or (b) was accidentally trampled by angelic Bodi-dog. I'm just gonna shoot for (a) and pass Bodi a treat, because the end result was a quick harvest of the beautiful yellow flowers.

In a vase on the coffee table, they look fabulous with the other yellows in the living area. Thanks "heavy stalk" for the decorating opportunity.


Janine Robinson said...

love forsythia! but i thought it was a spring flower (when i lived in st. louis, it was one of the first to burst out in spring.)lucky you!

Lee said...

Hey Janine. This one's a bit deceiving. It's a "forsythia sage" (Salvia madrensis) which is not a true forsythia (the spring bloomer you know from st. louis). I guess it's called that because of the flower color? Not sure about that one, but it's a lovely fall bloomer here.

TmmTx said...

Ahh color me jealous. I tried growing a real forsythia and all it did was keel over come summer. Now I've planted a winter honeysuckle in it's place and we're all much happier. But I do still miss those wonderful yellow flowers and the heavenly aroma they have.