09 October 2010

plants: Tall Goldenrod

They don't call this plant tall goldenrod for nothing! Before it was nodding over under the weight of these beautiful cones of yellow blooms, these were taller than me (that's taller than 6 feet, mind you).

I'm pretty sure this is tall goldenrod, Solidago altissima, but wouldn't claim this to be 100% fact; it's kind of a pass along plant that I picked up at a local community garden's annual spring sale.

There are many solidagos native to North America and they are all very important hosts for a myriad of insects. They are also a sure sign of autumn. The bees and butterflies love the flowers and many other insects use the plant tissue as food and home. The birds also like the swaying seed heads.

Goldenrod can be pretty invasive and spreads by rhizomes, but I think I'm OK with that (for now). It will be pretty to have a stand of this over along my dry creek bed native border. There, the goldenrod can duke it out with the germander and mistflower.

I've heard people about the 'hood state that goldenrod is a big allergen, but the Wildflower Center calls out this myth, blaming allergy reactions during this time of year on another plant blooming now: ragweed.

Anyway, gorgeous plant both in and out of bloom.


NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Wow, that's absolutely stunning. I can imagine a bed of golden rod, maximilian sunflower, and tacoma. It would have a gorgeous harvest theme to it.

Lee said...

great plant ideas! thanks.

Bob said...

That is tall Goldenrod for sure. and with more blooms then the ones out this way. I've collected millions of seeds and planted them here with no luck, darnit.