15 June 2010

plants: Bloom Day

Here's what's blooming at The Grackle this June 15, 2010.

Purple coneflowers are becoming quite the stalwarts in my garden.


Rock penstemon (Holy hot pink!) and hymenoxys

Black-eyed susan

American beauty berry

Also blooming but not pictured here: Turk's cap, American germander, lantana, cenizo, Indigo Spires sage, rock rose, blackfoot daisy, desert willow, society garlic, sunflowers, ruellia and Gregg's mistflower.


Elizabeth Barrow said...

Your perennials are so pretty! I love the datura -- haven't got a good spot for it here.
Happy Bloom Day and thanks for posting,

Paul said...

I love datura. I can't get enough of them.